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The Bliss Magnet - Susie Mitchell

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The "Bliss Magnet"
Susie Mitchell


"If You Knew Susie, Like I knew Susie..."

This photo was taken in 1998, when Susie was a candidate for Queen of Fantasy Fest, to raise money for AIDS Help, Inc. That was the year that I was first blessed with her friendship. The other gorgeous "girl" in this picture is Marilyn Daniels.

Susie was a well known Licensed Massage Therapist, but healed spirits as quickly as she did aching muscles. She was an ordained minister in the United Universalist Church, who truly lived her life trying follow Christs' example.

Susie epitomized the virtues of humility, compassion and generosity. She was also the eternal optimist, always taking a moment to help others find the positive aspects in what might seem to be a negative experience.

Susie also shared the belief, that there are no coincidences in life. Every event in each of our lives presents us with the opportunity to learn. What we choose to do with that knowledge dictates how quickly we grow spiritually. She believed also in the power of prayer.

Susie, as most "old souls" do, understood Karma, and the importance of "Doing Unto Others..." She helped me, and many others, to learn the value of minimizing the awareness of ones Self. She helped me accept that each of us has a different purpose to fulfill in life, and that we may never know what that mission is.

Susie died in December 1999, and through her influence and teachings, I have the devout belief that she had completed her "mission" in this physical life, and is now simply continuing her karmic journey to become closer and eventually one with her Higher Power.